Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Watch out below!

This is not original, but it does contain truth, elements of profundity, and most importantly, it made me laugh (as in, you 'gotta laugh, to keep from cryin').

Posted in the Clusterfuck Nation comment section was this;

"Whenever I hear the phrase 'trickle down economics' I think of being pissed on."

For many of us, we are certainly being "pissed on" by the culprits in charge.


Anonymous said...
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weasel said...

As long as they don't have any Lincoln convertibles. Unless they have Kennedy viscera resistant vinyl seats. Dallas new car, indeed.

I wanted to say something about Babs Bush; you realise she will escape mass censure as a scad of red-staters (rich and poor but all white and angry) will quietly and not so quietly agree with her?

Jim said...

I guess I'll let this chap's blogger "astro-turf" stay; as mass-postings go, this is rather harmless and actually has a few tips worth considering in the event I'm shopping for a car.

As to Momma Bush, I concur. Rarely do I watch MSNBC in the AM, but apparently they carry a segment with Imus as part of their early morning programming. This morning, he had Douglas Brinkley on the line, the noted writer/historian (Tour of Duty; Kerry's Vietnam experience, etc.); apparently Brinkley lives in N'Orleans and had some interesting things to say about the federal response (awful), Bush (out of touch and unaware) and racism and class (both factored in regarding the slow response to Katrina).

Barbara Bush has had a silver spoon sticking out of her ass for so long, she long ago forgot what common people experience (if she ever really knew). Many elites like her, have a very patronizing and condescending view of anyone below them on the ladder of class, whether black or white.

Anonymous said...
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