Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pray for power (steering)

With folks like these praying, it makes me glad I've forsaken the path of righteousness.

While I'd never want to impugn the motives of anyone's faith, knowing there are many good, and sincere believers in petitioning a higher power, the hypocrisy of many pictured on the pages of TPPT stretches my capacity towards graciousness.


Anonymous said...

Saints don't need to pray. Need I say more?

weasel said...

From the Presidential Prayer Pimps' website:
"In his document Common Sense, Paine acknowledged God’s hand in the Revolution".

One paragraph out of context from "Common Sense" and suddenly the man whose life was marked by a march from superstition to rationalism is held up as an advocate for a close relationship between Bush and Luis Palau. Talk about bearing false witness. No doubt these jokers could cherry pick Marx to make him read like a papal encyclical.