Thursday, July 07, 2005

Some sanity added to the mix

I cannot believe some of the inane (and insane) analyis coming from the right wing regarding this AM's attacks on commuters in London. Let's be fair about this; some on the left, like Jerry Springer weren't much better (although, he at least ended his broadcast by playing the British National Anthem). Fox and Friends were practically gloating about it, saying things like, "well it's good it happened with so many of the world's leaders nearby". WTF?? Then, there were the callers on C-Span saying we should basically bomb the Middle East back into whatever century. I'm too angry and running on adrenaline (and caffeine) to respond with anything that might be helpful. My sympathies go out to those in Great Britain, by-and-large working class, who are mourning this evening. If people have to suffer, why is it always the common people?

Fortunately, there are people like Nathan Newman. It is all about economics and he usually nails it, as he did today.

July 07, 2005
Don't Forget Aid for Africa

The terrorists want us to concentrate on them, as does the rightwing which is thrilled to see aid for the global poor put back on the backburner.

But let's get some perspective. Less than a hundred people died today in London, but 15,000 Africans die EVERY DAY from preventable diseases.

The best way to fight terrorism is to drain the pool of public support. Supporting the victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia was one of the best ways possible to improve the image of the US in that country. A serious commitment to aid in Africa, aside from being the right thing to do, is the best use of money to fight terrorism as well.

If we took the money wasted in Iraq, we could build global support and allies around the world through a crusade to end poverty, even as we'd have additional money to secure our vulnerable facilities against the crazies left over.

London shows our current strategy has failed. Let's try a new one build on global justice abroad and intelligent security at home.


weasel said...

for the first time in a long time I'm proud of Tony Blair for his dignity and restraint. No "bomb 'em to the stone age' talk from Tone. See aso the comments of ken Livingtone, Mayor of London.

Bummer of a day- my family are in one piece as are my London based friends but such sadness for the families of the 38.

My dad noted that as he struggled out of London this afternoon that the prevailing sentiment was not beligerence, panic, or rage but rather "Bloody cheek- who do this mob think they are, and who do they think we are?"

Jim said...

I watched Blair's first meeting with the press. Visibly shaken and showing his humanity, he truly appeared to be a statesman, unlike other leaders who will remain unmentioned.

I'm glad to know your family is ok; I immediately thought of you and the other UK contingent of bloggers I've become familiar with through your blog.

My heart goes out to the many who are struggling with pain, sadness and those who mourn lost loved ones.

I'm not a fan of Springer on the radio, but at the close of his broadcast, he played the British National Anthem and I found myself getting choked up.

asfo_del said...

London shows our current strategy has failed. Let's try a new one build on global justice abroad and intelligent security at home.

Wise words. I'm not too hopeful that they will be heeded.