Sunday, July 10, 2005

RiverVision Press

As promised, I have an announcement to make regarding my book, When Towns Had Teams. After attempting the traditional publishing route, only to find that my book lacked the sameness and familiarity that many small presses are locked into, I have decided to form RiverVision Press, “Maine’s DIY small press.” Taking the best of what I’ve learned from the DIY ethic prevalent in much of 80’s punk rock, and blending it a vision to capture the history and what’s best about small town Maine and other New England locales, the time seemed right to begin my own small press venture.

RiverVision Press will be pre-releasing When Towns Had Teams via the website and mail order beginning August 1. The first 500 copies of the book that are ordered prior to November 1 will be hand-numbered as orders are received, and I will also be signing each copy. The book which will be in the neighborhood of 230 pages will be selling for $15.95 + S&H, plus Maine sales tax for Maine residents.

In addition to When Towns Had Teams, I’ve already begun plans for my next book. This next offering will also tackle a subject that has been shamefully neglected, but which is extremely popular throughout New England and elsewhere. Additionally, I hope to have a book which captures small town Maine, Moxie, as well as the town where I grew up—Lisbon Falls. I hope to be able to release that book during next year’s Moxie Festival. As if that isn’t enough, I’ve begun discussions with two other Maine writers who I think are adept at capturing the unique qualities and heritage of a state like Maine.

I also want to give a "shout out" and props to the work of Jonathan Braden. His creativity, skill, as well as diligence have made it possible to get the RiverVision Press site up and running quickly. I also have been extremely fortunate to have acquired the services of a talented copy editor. Her expertise has provided the necessary fine tuning that any quality manuscript requires. If all goes well, I’ll be sending it to the printer in about three weeks.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit the RiverVision Press website and see what Maine’s DIY small press is all about! Check back from time to time as I’ll be putting News and other events up as they become available.


Joe said...

Very exciting, Jim. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. You've already come a lot further than many others could have.

Chase Saunders said...

Way to stick it to the middle man, Jim! I like the site, too.

Jim said...

To both Joe and Chase; thanks for taking the time to comment about R'Vision Press.

I'm feeling good about how things are progressing. There was a time that I thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off, but I'm increasingly confident with each passsing day that not only is the book going to print, it is going to find its audience, even if it is a niche segment.

I'm beginning to enjoy the DIY nature of what RiverVision represents.