Wednesday, March 30, 2005

When singers pick up the pen

I have a handful of blogs that I go to semi-regularly that are maintained by musicians. One of my regular stops is the site of Jose Ayerve, the multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, record label magnate and producer, as well as blogger.

While Jose’s many projects with his band Spouse, side project Nuclear Waste Management Project, and running his own record label, Pigeon Records obviously consumes most of his waking hours, he still manages to pen (old-school term) some articulate words about music, politics and life.

From regular visits to Jose’s website and blog, I’ve found another musician who also has a blog worth checking out. Mark Schwaber, from the band Lo Fine, who by-the-way also plays in NWMP with Jose, is a Easthampton, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter who has some interesting takes on a variety of topic. Recently, he posted something about the humane treatment of animals, namely dogs, that struck a chord (oh I’m so cute with my wordplay, aren’t I?) with me and I’m sure will with anyone who loves animals. While Schwaber has some harsh words for those who would mistreat an innocent dog, I’m sure all of us have felt similar emotions when we’ve seen or received word of the mistreatment of a defenseless dog, or any animal for that matter.

Getting back to Ayerve, he’s readying for an upcoming six week tour with Spouse, which will have this must-see band beginning here in the east and working their way westward to Chicago, Des Moines, St. Louis, and down south to Memphis, before heading back up the eastern seaboard. Check out their tour dates and if they play near you (their worth a drive folks!), then turn off the TV and get out ‘da house and shake ‘yer booty to the soothing sounds of Spouse. If my endorsement isn’t enough to entice you to get up off the couch, then maybe Carter Little will help you shake off that winter lethargy. Select dates on the tour finds this Nashville-based singer-songwriter opening Spouse shows with his own unique brand of roots-inflected Americana.

If you can’t make it to a show, then take a moment, check out Ayerve’s site, pick up a t-shirt, scarf and one of Spouse’s (or other Pigeon) releases. Your life will be forever changed and your wardrobe will be dramatically improved.

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