Thursday, March 31, 2005

It's finally over

Teri Schiavo is officially dead. Ms. Schiavo was pronounced dead in Pinellas Park, Florida at 9:05 am, 13 days after her feeding tube was removed per court order.

While Terri is hopefully gone to a better place, the rest of us will be subjected to the protracted battles that will ensue after her death, for just as in her last years of a diminished life, Schiavo will be used as a symbol to further political agendas.

Music is evocative for me and I happened to have Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend playing when I read this article, which by the way is very well-written by Jim Loney. The last track on the disc is "Nothing Lasts". If not familiar with Sweet's song, the lyrics will mean nothing, but for me, it's a fitting song to put Ms. Schiavo to rest with.

Nothing Lasts

If one could
Stop time, or make it up
If two could realize the best of luck
If I could locate a god above
And you only wanted to be loved
Then I'd try to hang on to the past
But you know that nothing, oh no nothing lasts
Nothing lasts .....
It's time toMove on, let the past go
I waited for you here, but you never showed
Although I asked you to let me know
I only felt a cold wind blow
While I tried to hang on to the past
But you know that nothing, oh no nothing lasts
Nothing's in your way
Now you can stand right up and run
Wouldn't even change things
If you took back what you've done
I have tried to hang on to the past
But I couldn't keep my grasp, cause nothing lasts
Nothing lasts
Nothing lasts

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