Saturday, February 06, 2010

Endings...and a new beginning

For the past five years, and 832 posts, some fair, the occasional unhinged rant, and some that were good and even great, I've decided to call it quits, at least here at Words Matter.

I've been looking for a way to consolidate my online profile and my writing, and I've done that over at

From here on out, if you want to read my blogging (which will continue, in a somewhat altered format), then the home page at that site is where to find me.

I've appreciated the many visitors over my time here, as well as the handful of regulars that have come and gone. I remain passionate about many things that prompted me to get rolling and embrace the blogging platform, and I'll continue to share them from to time via my blog at the new site.


Delfina said...

Jim, I'm glad to hear you'll be (and have been) keeping up with your writing on your other website. Thoughtful writing is always a worthwhile endeavor, in my view, and I'm glad you're able to stick to it.

I haven't been online much lately, for other reasons, so I'm only now catching up.


Jim said...


Thanks for the comment. Moving my writing over to serves two purposes, I think. Now I've truly relegated my writing to the margins, as the only people mainly that will be finding it are those in search of it. No more Googlebot, or Stumbleupon visitors, doing a driveby and reading the first five words and moving on.

The traffic here has always been steady, but not much in the way of engagement.

The second thing the new site allows is a bit more flexibility of design, and a place to catalog more than just my blogging--I've posted a few articles I've written in the past.

I truly appreciate readers like you, who have been stopping by for quite some time, and leaving your thoughts, and especially, your encouragement.

It's an interesting time, and I'm not sure that most truly understand the current fragmentation of our communication that is taking place.

Social media is being trumpeted, but as my recent vlog indicates, I'm not sure most of it serves a higher purpose. It's just another way technology can isolate. Having said that, I do see some benefit to Twitter, but Facebook, and even LinkedIn have been major disappointments and don't live up to the hype.

I guess the letter writing is on hiatus? I know I've found it difficult to sit down and physically compose a note the past six weeks, which speaks to something much larger, I think.