Thursday, January 28, 2010

Music for moving forward

A small percentage of people are interested in moving their lives forward. A smaller group are actually taking steps towards making that happen.

Maslowe himself estimated that the number of those people might be as small is two percent!

Singer/songwriter Kasey Anderson is probably one of those people. Back in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, after spending eight years in Bellingham, Washington, Anderson's new record chronicles the process of change. According to Anderson, Nowhere Nights is "equal parts charge, benediction, apology and indictment,” chronicling his artistic coming of age.

From his website's bio section, Anderson lays out in song the circumstances behind, and the reasons for, his own personal renewal.

"For almost a decade I lived in this insulated little community,” Anderson says of Bellingham, Washington, where he spent eight years before moving back to his hometown of Portland, Oregon in 2007. “I woke up one morning and just knew it was time. I was numb all over. I was just a perpetual fuckup, y’know? Burning everything around me and then wondering why I smelled like smoke. I had to get out.”

I love that last line, especially since I know all about "smelling like smoke."

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