Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Biking before dark

Today was my third day over the past four of biking vigorously. Saturday, I rode 26 miles, Sunday, it was just over 20. Yesterday, I gave my legs a rest, and then tonight, I raced the sun as it was setting after work, to bike a route just shy of 21 miles.

It’s been awhile since I’ve pushed my body physically like this. At 47, I thought my days of intense physicality might be past, but apparently, I still have some tiger left in my tank.

I enjoy the physical changes that losing 35 pounds, and rounding into shape are bringing to bear 0n me. I think our physical condition influences who we are and our outlook about life much more profoundly than I’ve considered before.

[I snapped this 15 minutes before the sun set; this is about 6 miles from our house, along the power lines in Pownal.--JB]

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