Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Downplaying digital

Unfortunately, the demands of work last week cut into my ability to spend the requisite time I've been devoting to reading, and researching my History Maker Monday topics the past several weeks. 65-hour work weeks, plus the pull of tax season will probably prevent me once more from getting up a new HMM post this week.

While I regret not having the time to pull together the kind of research I truly enjoy doing, this time away from blogging has also allowed me to ruminate on just how beneficial my recent spate of postings really are to my longterm goals of writing, particularly the tension I'm feeling to re-engage with a new cycle of reasearch devoted to getting another book project off the ground.

While I'm not contemplating pulling the plug on blogging, I'm certainly experiencing doubts about the veracity of the hype surrounding social networking, recognizing that it can be a great waste of time, and a killer of the creative spark.

Maybe I'm just feeling burnt from work, and my tolerance for winter has reached its apex, but the few times I've done my blog crawl this week, and checked my Twitter account, have failed to elicit much in the way of enthusiasm.

My limited downtime each evening has found me sitting in my easy chair, television dark, book in hand, nursing a beer.

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