Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bailout: Just another political betrayal, brought to you by the two-party system

Apparently only seven percent of Americans favor the Wall Street bailout, at least according to yesterday's post at Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty blog. A Rasmussen poll pegged support at that level, the biblical number of perfection, by the way.

Dr. Paul on the formation of his recent alliance mentions the diverse crowds he attacted to his campaign, and this seems to indicate who might be part of his longer term strategy of building a broad-based coalition for change.

Interestingly, there's one group that refuses to budge from their position, smugly claiming they're divinely right.

Ironically the most difficult group to recruit has been the evangelicals who supported McCain and his pro-war positions. They have been convinced that they are obligated to initiate preventive war in the Middle East for theological reasons. Fortunately, this is a minority of the Christian community, but our doors remain open to all despite this type of challenge. The point is, new devotees to the freedom philosophy are more likely to come from the left than from those conservatives who have been convinced that God has instructed us to militarize the Middle East.

David Bardallis has a really good article about our two-party shell game over at LewRockwell.com where he clearly articulates the poverty inherent in continuing to vote for the evil of two lessers.

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