Saturday, March 15, 2008

Education for the real world

I had an Op-Ed that ran in yesterday's Central Maine Newspapers (Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel) on a subject that I think needs to be addressed with the same passion that tax-cutting currently is being bantered about in our state. I've posted on my workforce blog.

While I was pleased that the newspaper finally ran my opinion piece, I was equally pleased to have it run alongside an equally pertinent piece, by Waterville High School teacher, Alan Haley. His opinion is that the Maine Learning Results are an absolute failure. He also addresses the state's Department of Education and its monolithic stranglehold on education.

Personally, I think the model of education that the state should be looking at is Career and Technical Education. This model is committed to developing technical and academic skills, as well as promoting the student attitudes and achievements that best prepare students for further education and careers in the 21st Century. The were formerly Maine's vocational high schools, but if you think that the only thing they do is teach kids to pound nails and tune engines, you are mistaken.

I urge anyone that cares about the education in our state and elsewhere, to contact your local CTE program and arrange a tour. You'll be amazed by the diversity of subjects and the rigorous preparation for the real world that the students receive.

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