Sunday, January 27, 2008

4 hours difference

[Mike's City Diner-Boston-]
[-The famous Citgo sign-]
[-Madison, Maine and the Madison Mill in the background-]
[-Madison's Carnegie Library-]

I had an interesting week and travelled to Boston, Wednesday, to celebrate my birthday.

I was able to spend the day with Mr. Everyday Yeah and we checked out some of The Hub's varied sites, including a classic diner, special screening of the new Rambo movie and Kenmore Square.

On Thursday, I was in Madison, Maine, where I had a tour of an intriguing indoor greenhouse, owned by Backyard Farms.

I didn't have a chance to visit the library in Madison, but it's on my list of things to do, should I make it back, in the near future.


mark said...

Good post.
Thanks for the linkage old man.
You're not that old though, at least 45 more years in you

Margaret Evans Porter said...

A belated Happy Birthday!

p.s. your blog has a new fan. See mine to learn more!

Jim said...

Mark: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Margaret: Thanks for stopping by and the birthday wishes; new fans are always welcome!

This birthday was an enjoyable one, although, in one's 40s, the sentiment becomes that they could be regulated and less frequent.