Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Karl Hess and the political spectrum

On Saturday, I happened to have the television on, watching C-Span's Washington Journal program. The host was taking calls from only Republican callers on the topic of the party and a series of moderate (read, sane) Republicans called in. One of them made reference to Karl Hess, a key 60s political figure who I knew nothing about.

I spent a bit of time reading about Hess, who was an interesting figure, who swung from far right, to the far left, while in his 40s.

In the course of my research, ran across this older post on Wally Conger's blog, which is worth reading, if you have any interest in the whole left/right debate. Certainly, given that we're about a year away from selecting another president, I think it's worth pondering. Anyone else?

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