Wednesday, June 13, 2007

RiverVision does it again!

RiverVision Press, "Maine's Unique Small Press," announces the release of its newest title, T.W. Moore's I Love Today--Musings From New England.

Ever since I returned from my sojourn to NW Indiana, I've been in full-blown production mode, readying our latest title for release.

For those unfamiliar with publishing, particularly small press publishing, you can't fully appreciate all the details that go into releasing a book.

Until I took up the mantle of publisher, mostly by necessity, in order to release my first book, I wasn't aware all the minutia that goes into readying a book for printing.

From ISBN numbers, to copy editing, writing back cover copy, designing a cover that will entice readers to pick up your book, through the actual layout, reading and re-reading proofs, to selecting a printer, it takes real attention to detail to do it right. In addition, you have to be able to market your book, so readers will know about it and if you are a small press publisher, you need to be able to do that marketing on a shoestring.

I'm pleased to be releasing Mr. Moore's book and initial interest from bookstores has been gratifying. Much of that interest comes from cultivating relationships with my independent stores, as well as the chain stores, like Borders, which are quite supportive of local books; this is helpful when you are small and trying to maximize options.

Not only has RiverVision Press doubled its catalog, but we are turning two-years-old on Friday.

To celebrate the new book, we will be holding a book release event in Lewiston, on Saturday, June 23rd, at Percy's Burrow, 20 East Avenue. Mr. Moore will be reading from the book, as well as signing copies of the new book, from 4 to 6 pm. Afterwards, we'll be holding an after-party at the RiverVision Press compound, in Durham.

Hope some of our local friends can make it out and meet our newest author.


weasel said...

Hurrah! Congrats to all involved!

Jim said...


Hope life's treating and the family well. RiverVision is obviously excited about our newest addition.

BTW, I've used your very generous endorsement/blurb in some of my print advertising (including the Coastal Journal).

We had a little feature in yesterday's IHerald.

Hoping to catch up with you guys soon.