Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mush! Sledders trek eastward

What happens when you live in Maine, love snowmobiles and global warming has robbed you of your snow—hell, dude, head to Alaska—at least that’s what two Sanford snowmobilers have done.

Steve McKenna and Tony Wolfinger traveled to Alaska, where they have begun an epic journey eastward. They began their trek Friday and expect to arrive back in Maine after being on the trail for about eight weeks.

McKenna, a local contractor and Wolfinger, who owns Sanford Radiator, decided to do it for a variety of reasons. For Wolfinger, the trip is a “dream come true” for the longtime outdoor enthusiast, as he had hoped to make a trip across Alaska and Canada at some point in his life. McKenna, on the other hand, is no stranger to the open road. In 1992, while living in Hawaii, he shipped his motorcycle to Washington and completing a 9,500 mile trek cross-country to Maine. In 2002, he packed up the family in a motor home and took off on a 10,000 mile adventure, traveling through 23 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

If both men are able to complete the 9,000 mile journey, they will set a Guinness Book World Record.

While wanderlust and a healthy sense of adventure will propel these two hearty souls, they also hope to raise awareness about autism and have indicated that fans and interested parties may send donations to the Autism Society of Maine.

You can follow the trek via their website.

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