Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wisconsin bound

The Wheaton College Lyons won the Northeast Regional, in Harwich, Massachusetts, with a 16-5 win over the University of Southern Maine.

The Lyons will play their first game at the Division III World Series, in Appleton, Wisconsin, on Friday, May 26th, with a 1:15 pm game against North Carolina Wesleyan College.

Now it's time to make travel plans, reservations and enjoy the last leg of a magical season.


weasel said...

Lets Go Lyons. GMBO for MVP.

Joe said...

What are Lyons (what's a Lyons) (what is Lyons)?

It's a tricky one when I can't even figure out how to phrase the question.

I assume it has nothing to do with the city in France.

Jim said...

That's a good question--I'll have to find that out. I always assumed it was a fancy spelling for "Lions" but now I'm not so sure.

I believe that there will be some form of webcast, at least the audio. Check the Wheaton baseball website for updates.