Saturday, April 02, 2005

Leaving comments

I have some concerns about the comments feature here at Blogger. Recently, I've posted comments at other blogs that allow me to preview and then, when I post them, voila!! They disappear and are not posted.

Of late, the comments on this blog have been non-existent. This might be a result of a problem at Blogger, or, it might signify that no one cares about what I write. If it's the latter, I can live with that. If it's the former, I'm kind of irked.

While generally, I enjoy Blogger as a blogging platform, I've heard others complain about issues such as this.

Just curious if you've tried to post comments with similar results as I've experienced. If so, drop me an email so I know there's an issue in this area.



Anonymous said...

test comment

Jim said...

another test

weasel said...

Every now and then Blogger comments shit the bed. I think its because they keep refining the process and putting up the new comments interfaces before they are fully de-kinked.

Either that or man, its the freakin' FBI man, readin' what you say man.

Little Liza said...

I guess your comments work, but how do you get people to read... blogging is really a lonely world with out those comments

Jim said...

It's a difficult process. Yes, I'm relieved to know people can post comments. I guess they've just been choosing to ignore my writing!

How to get more comments? I don't know, as obviously, I don't have the kind of comments that many other bloggers do.

While the comments are nice, I don't write specifically to receive pats on the back (although I'm not turning any down). Many times, I just feel a need to write and post material. Many times, it might just be for myself and hopefully a few others.

Regardless, if you have something to say, a blog allows you to say it.

I'm pleased that I have a group of "regulars" who post and I'm always looking for others to stop by.

Personally, I'm a person who posts comments about things I read. I recognize that others might not be. Hey! It's all good. I am happy that there are new features for posting on Blogger; in the past, you had to have an acct. to post and not everyone wanted to sign up.

asfo_del said...

I don't think a lack of comments necessarily indicates a lack of interest from readers. I know I myself am not likely to comment on something that is thorough and eloquent, especially if it's on a subject I'm not knowledgeable about, because I would just make myself look foolish. It doesn't mean I didn't find it intersting. People seem most likely to comment when they have something to quibble about, or if they want to share a similar experience.